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 Nobodie's Guard

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Narora Uchimaki
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PostSubject: Nobodie's Guard   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:12 pm

Name: Nothing's Guard


Appearance (Nobody Drive):

Bio: A keyblade based souly around Defence and Long distance attacks. For it, it will sacrifice Short Distance attacks.

DEF abilities:
It sacrifices Short, quick attacks for powerful defence attacks and Counter-Defences. It can defend agenced almost any attack, thoughs it can't it, well it'll get through.

The Keyblade will give increases in speed when using the Long Distance Attacks. depending on if its the first or second, the speed will go up by x2-3.

Long Distance Attacks:
In Addition to its great defence, it has long distance attacks. two actualy. one fires a huge Firga Like blast in the form of a slash flying in the air. the other is a Slash of Darkness from his other side. The attack can fly from the keyblade and out at the opponent. the attack can also be kept inside the blade for the two abilities below.

Fusion, Ultima Defence:
If The Long distance attack is fused with the defence of the Keyblade, it can block almost anything. this time, it will either send it back, or if is a phisical attack, it will make the opponent fly back as if hitting rubber. this makes a great time to counter-guard.

Fusion, Close Range Attack:
If the same is done above, but with close range attacks. The user keeps the Long distance attack inside of the blade and swings it at the opponent. when it hits something, the attack will fire out with almost 2x the power.
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Nobodie's Guard
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